Probate Solicitors in Essex

Administering the estate of a loved one is a big responsibility. Besides wanting to make sure their wishes are carried out, you’ve certain legal obligations as well.

Even a straightforward estate can raise a few questions. Here’s where we can help. Our specialists can talk you through your responsibilities, alert you to any issues and advise how you can best protect yourself.

From there, we can help prepare any applications to the Probate Registry, and then either hand the estate back to you, or handle it for you – working with you at every step.

You can draw on our expertise as little or as much as you like. What matters is that you feel at ease and clear about what you need to do.

Executors and administrators – what’s the difference?

If there’s a Will, the deceased’s estate is handled by the Executors, who then apply for a Grant of Probate. If there’s no Will, someone – often a close relative – then applies for Letters of Administration to become an administrator of the estate.

We’re experienced in helping both Executors and Administrators understand their responsibilities and keep themselves protected.

Taking care of tax issues

If an estate is subject to Inheritance Tax, you’re legally required to ascertain the size of the estate, correctly calculate the tax due and pay on time. If you don’t, you may be personally liable. Our specialists can help take the stress out of handling this as well as any estate Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax that may apply.

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