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Every parent wants to protect their children never more so than in the midst of a marriage or relationship breakup. That’s why at Gepp & Sons we put children’s interests first, just as any parent would.

Whatever the issue, we’ll help you avoid stressful confrontations and work towards a solution that considers the needs of your children and family as a whole.

Rest assured we’ll do all we can to move things along swiftly and make the process as pain-free as possible. And above all, we’ll handle every stage with the utmost care and sensitivity.

A safe pair of hands

Our specialist team has handled all kinds of child-related issues, from establishing where children will live, to maintenance issues and contact. As members of Resolution – a national association of family lawyers – we’re committed to helping parents put the welfare of their children at the heart of the legal decisions they make.

If it’s not possible to reach an agreement, or if child protection is a concern, we’ll guide you through your options and represent you in court.

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