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Filomena  Sterkaj

Cohabitation - have you thought about the risks?

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With Christmas fast approaching you might be thinking about the next stage of your relationship and asking your partner to move in. What rights do cohabiting couples have with respect to the property they live in and other assets? Couples who are unmarried...

Fathers' rights for contact with children over Christmas

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Unfortunately, being a father with or without Parental Responsibility for your children does not automatically give you the right to spend time with them over the Christmas holidays, unless you have an agreement or a Court Order. We recommend trying to work...

What is a Consent Order on divorce, judicial separation or dissolution of civil partnership?

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A Consent Order is a legally binding document which sets out the financial agreement between divorcing couples. Each Consent Order is different and is drafted according to each party's unique circumstances. The Consent Order will deal with all the...